The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration carries out, as appropriate, together with the line ministries, the government policy in the following areas of activity: regional development, cohesion and spatial development, cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation, discipline in construction, spatial planning, urban planning and architecture , habitation, housing, residential buildings, thermal rehabilitation of buildings, real estate and urban planning management and development, public works, construction, central and local public administration, decentralisation, reform and administrative-territorial reorganisation, taxation and regional and local public finance, dialogue with the associative structures of local public administration authorities, development of public community services, state aid provided to local public administration authorities, industrial parks, public service management, planning, coordination, monitoring and control of the use of non-reimbursable financial assistance provided to Romania by the European Union programmes in its areas of activity.

In these areas, the MRDPA initiates, finances and / or manages / implements, under the law, development programmes and projects of national, regional and local interest in the areas of: housing, thermal rehabilitation of buildings, reducing seismic vulnerability of buildings, public utility infrastructure of  the water supply and sewer service and / or of thermal energy supply service for localities, road infrastructure of local and county interest at the level of villages, communes, towns, municipalities, counties, as well as the transport infrastructure providing connections between them, the social, cultural and sports infrastructure, business infrastructure, urban planning, urban real estate and housing information system and databases, as well as in other areas of activity. The MRDPA also provides financial and technical management of regional development programmes and projects, cross-border and transnational cooperation, administrative capacity development, urban rehabilitation, including urban transport, European spatial planning, of those financed by the European Regional Development Fund, under the Regional Operational Programme, by the European Social Fund, under the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development, of programmes and projects financed under the European Territorial Cooperation objective, by the ERDF, of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument – the cross-border cooperation component, as well as other European financing instruments specific to its areas of activity, in accordance with the legislation in force, financed by PHARE funds, in the extended decentralised system.

Main objectives - (excerpt from the Government Programme 2013-2016, Chapter Development and Administration)

Updated Thursday, 23 May 2013