Three programmes of retrofitting buildings are under development at the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism.

The annual programs are elaborated by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism on the basis of the priorities established by the county councils/General Council of Bucharest municipality and endorsed by the county committees for emergencies.

With regard to the programme of retrofitting multi-storey residential buildings, Romania is the only earthquake risk prone country in the world where the State has implicated itself in securing the old housing stock, private property, by allocating amounts from the state budget for the design and execution of retrofit works on multi-storey residential buildings classified as class I of seismic risk and presenting public hazard.

The programme of first-emergency intervention in vulnerable buildings presenting public hazard is aimed at removing the danger of collapse of building elements, as well as at limiting the effects of landslides. The programme includes construction of particular importance, with the value of historic monument (for example: buildings in the area of healthcare, schools, city halls), which are also subject to other risks such as, landslides that could affect some urban communities. The financing of this program is made from the own incomes of the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism.

The project of risk mitigation in case of occurrence of natural calamities and preparedness for emergency situations - Component B - Seismic Risk Reduction has a multi-sectoral character and is an ex-ante project, being a premiere in terms of adopting a strategic approach oriented to actions to prevent and mitigate the effects of natural disasters and strengthening institutional and technical capacity for the management of crisis situations in case of occurrence of such calamities.

Updated Tuesday, 11 May 2010
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