AXIS 1 - Support to sustainable development of urban growth poles

  • Area 1.1 - Integrated urban development plans

AXIS 2 - Improvement of regional and local transport infrastructure

  • Area 2.1 - Rehabilitation and modernisation of the county roads and urban streets network - including construction/rehabilitation of ring roads

AXIS 3 - Improvement of social infrastructure

  • Area 3.1 - Rehabilitation, modernisation and equipping of the health services’ infrastructure
  • Area 3.2 - Rehabilitation, modernisation, development and equipping of social services infrastructure
  • Area 3.3 - Improving the equipment of the operational bases for interventions in emergency situations
  • Area 3.4 - Rehabilitation, modernisation, development and equipping of pre–university, university education and continuous vocational training infrastructure

AXIS 4 - Strengthening the development of regional and local business environment

  • Area 4.1 - Sustainable development of business support structures of regional and local importance
  • Area 4.2 - Rehabilitation of unused polluted industrial sites and preparation for new activities
  • Area 4.3 - Support the development of micro-enterprises

AXIS 5 - Sustainable development and promotion of tourism

  • Area 5.1 - Restoration and sustainable valorisation of cultural heritage, as well as setting up/ modernisation of related infrastructure
  • Area 5.2 - Creation, development, modernisation of the tourism infrastructure for the valorisation of natural resources and for increasing the quality of tourism services
  • Area 5.3 - Promoting the tourism potential and setting-up the necessary infrastructure in order to increase Romania’s attractiveness as tourism destination

AXIS 6 - Technical assistance to support the implementation of the ROP

Updated Monday, 4 February 2013